Active Acne Treatments Are Available

Acne is a problem prevalent with the onset of adolescence. The hormonal changes which occur then, will cause the enlargement of sebaceous glands on certain parts of the body. These glands then become more prone to getting obstructed by dead cells and harbouring bacteria. These bacteria then multiply in the hair follicles and then go on to produce unsightly pus filled spots and cysts. The areas most commonly affected are the face, chest, the back and the limbs. This is known as active acne (see

It is important to control active acne before it develops into something more dangerous. Most acne is usually a temporary condition however and can be corrected. Laser treatments are now available for those who want the spots to make a quick disappearance. Laser treatments do not require the use of drugs.

They target the porphyrins that are produced as part of the normal metabolism of the bacteria causing the acne. They create an organic singlet oxygen molecule which will go on to destroy the bacteria. It takes just a fraction of the time that antibiotics will take to perform the same task. Thus this treatment works three times faster then the common topical treatments and also the taking of antibiotics orally to sort the acne causing bacteria.

Only one or two of these laser treatments are required however. The end results are permanent and very rewarding and pleasant as well. It is important however that this treatment is started as soon as possible after an outbreak. A sunscreen of SPF 40 or higher would be recommended to be used after having had this treatment when going out into the sun.

Former cystic blemish lesions are going to lead to acne scars. Exposing these scars to the sun will darken them. This is because pigment producing cells get stimulated by the ultraviolet rays and thus they will get discoloured. The healing process will get slowed down as well as a result of sun exposure.

Scars are areas of fibrous tissue that replace the normal skin after damage. It is a result of the biological process of wound repair. Thus Scaring can be said to be a natural part of the healing process. Some scars however may just not fade very easily and fast enough. The process may further cause indents in the skin. The use of certain serums available from the chemist may help in the recovery process and thus help reducing the visibility of the scar as well.